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As an independent brokerage firm, Crusberg-Decker team members will want to know you and understand everything about you, to design the best plans from any of our top-rated carriers.

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Our dedicated and responsive staff of insurance professionals maintain the highest levels of education and training helping to solidify lasting relationships. Servicing our clients’ needs is our highest priority

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Crusberg Decker Insurance
Variety of Coverage

No two businesses are alike. Your company’s size, industry, location and daily operations determine the types of risks you face and the types of coverage you need.

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Protect your family, your pets and your personal assets with insurance plans customized just for you.


Protect your business and the assets that you’ve worked hard to build and avoid any type of interruptions with commercial insurance plans.


Earthquakes are frequent in California. Prepare for the big one by insuring your personal and business assets and cover your business from interruptions due to earthquakes.

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