Flood Insurance

Flood is the most common natural disaster in the country with potential for severe damages. However, unlike many other natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, rain and snow, damage from floods are NOT covered by homeowners insurance.

Most homes and buildings are not at risk of flooding, and owners do not need to consider flood insurance, however it is important for you as a home or building owner to know if you are in flood zone and understand the level of risk for each of your buildings as well as your own personal risk tolerance to determine if flood insurance is necessary for you. Flood insurance covers 2 separate categories of damage, which are purchased as separate items of a policy. Losses and expenditures to repair or replace physical buildings including anything permanently installed and built-in, are separate from coverage of contents of buildings. The second category covers personal belongings and assets, as well as furniture, area rugs, art, portable fixtures and appliances, which have sustained water damage from a flood. Due to the nature of floods, your actual land is not covered by any standard flood insurance.

Any damage from mudflows as a result of a flood are covered by a flood insurance policy, however mudslides and landslides are triggered by earth movement such as earthquakes and are not covered. Consider an earthquake insurance policy to cover slides.

Crusberg-Decker agents have access to detailed maps and research outlining flood zones and areas of risk. They can help you determine if your buildings are in a risk zone and give you an idea of the level of risk for your specific area. This will serve as a basis for determining the appropriate level of flood insurance you should consider for each of your properties. Contact us at 800.640.1712 or fill out the form on this page to learn more.

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