Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In California, all employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It is meant to protect workers when they are injured on the job, but it is also designed to protect employers against lawsuits filed against them by injured employees. It gives workers the peace of mind knowing that their medical care will be covered in the event of injury, and it allows employers to rest easy knowing that one workplace incident won’t put them out of business. Workers’ compensation operates differently than commercial liability insurance, but both are equally important for employers.

Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault form of insurance that covers medical expenses and lost wages. While every state’s rules are different, most states require all employers to carry this form of insurance, even for part-time employees. Premiums vary between employers and change from year to year. Understanding how these premiums are calculated is the first step to controlling your workers’ compensation costs.

Premium Calculations

Essentially, your company’s mod experience factor (mod) is the safety rating your business receives based on company size, industry, expected risk, and the number and severity of reported on-the-job accidents. The fewer accidents you have, the lower your mod and the lower your premiums. Crusberg-Decker Insurance can help you lower your mod by providing resources that help you create:

  • Comprehensive safety training policies
  • OSHA compliance strategies
  • Return to work programs
  • Open lines of employee and employer communications

Controlling workers’ compensation costs is your best strategy for enjoying the protection that workers’ compensation insurance provides while still protecting your bottom line. You can’t go without this type of coverage. Even if it weren’t required by law, one lawsuit could potentially put you out of business. Contact Crusberg-Decker Insurance to learn more about how our agency can help your business. Call us at 800.640.1712, or fill out the form on this page.


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