Boat Insurance

Water, in particular the ocean, can be unpredictable, especially when you are riding a boat with passengers. Many unforeseen events can happen while you are on the water. The objective of a boat insurance is to minimize or eliminate the negative impact of as many of these unforeseen events as possible, to let you enjoy worry-free boat rides.

Boat insurance protects other watercrafts than just traditional “boats”, including sailboats, house boats, pontoon boats and yachts with exceptions within each policy. Depending on the specific plan, it may also cover anything “associated” with a boat such as boat accessories including navigation instruments, anchor, fire extinguisher, boat trailer, towing equipment and other special equipment and personal effects used on the boat such as clothing, phones, snorkeling and fishing gear. Also covered are damages and injuries inflicted on your craft and passengers by uninsured third-party watercrafts.

Boat insurance policies will cover damages to most parts of your boat as well as damages inflicted on third-party watercrafts and equipment by you. Personal injuries and expenses such as loss of wages and ongoing medical costs to yourself, your passengers or passengers of other watercrafts inflicted by accidents on the water caused by you, can be covered by your boat insurance as well.

Watercrafts are fun but potentially dangerous toys that carry a lot of potential risk, which within seconds can change your life. Let an experienced Crusberg-Decker insurance agent help you with your Boat Insurance before you get in the water. Contact us at 800.640.1712 or fill out the form on this page to learn more.


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