Renters Insurance (HO4)

As a renter you are not responsible for anything happening to your home or to the grounds surrounding your home. A renters insurance will cover the remaining items within your home such as personal belongings including furniture, clothing, appliances etc.. Liability for bodily injuries caused by accidents to anyone, including yourself, visiting or living in your rented home are covered by renters insurance.

For roommate situations, it is important to ensure that all room mates are covered. One renters insurance policy will not be enough to cover multiple roommates within a rented unit.

Any damage to your personal belongings from fire, wind, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, broken water pipes as well as accidents and vandalism are covered. Replacement of items due to break-ins and theft is also covered by the insurance.

A Crusberg-Decker Insurance team member can help you set up your renters insurance and advice you on appropriate coverage limits, deductibles add-ons. Contact us at 800.640.1712 or fill out the form on this page to learn more.


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