Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is also known as business income insurance. If you are running your own business, business interruptions can happen for an endless number of reasons, and they can be very costly. Other types of commercial insurance policies may cover standard damages and liability costs associated with unforeseen events, to prevent or minimize the cost impact to your business, exactly like insurance policies are supposed to. But what if an event would prevent you from doing business as usual because you lost your office building, your fleet of vehicles or your entire client database. What if your largest supplier’s manufacturing facility burned down?

A business interruption insurance policy will give you that extra level of security by covering any loss of revenue from temporary inability to run your business as usual as well as expenses associated with running your business while the impact of a qualifying event is being restored, such as relocating and renting different office space. Depending on the specific plan, it may even cover payroll expenses, so you can continue to compensate your staff while you are out of business. Qualifying events typically include fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects and some natural disasters such as wind and lighting.

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