Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is one of the most common types of personal insurance products available. Its primary purpose is to provide financial protection against unexpected traffic collision accidents causing physical damage and bodily injuries and against liability from incidents happening while you are in an automobile.

Any person with a registered car, whether you ever drive it or not, is legally required to have a liability insurance policy. Depending on options and coverage selected, auto insurance may protect you and your car from fire, bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, caused by car accidents.

A comprehensive insurance goes further by paying you if your car is stolen or if anything other than automobile accidents cause damage to your car. Those incidents include damages from weather and natural disasters such as storms, explosions, earthquakes, floods, in addition to vandalism, falling objects and collisions with animals. Yet other policy options will cover vehicle repairs and damages or injuries caused by under-insured or uninsured third party drivers. Depending on the location of your residency, some of these options are mandatory and others optional.

The auto insurance market is huge, highly profitable for insurance carriers and very overwhelming to navigate for most consumers. The number of advertisements promoting auto insurance at low rates in almost any type of media, makes it even more difficult. In that kind of market it is not advisable to go directly to insurance carriers for their plans, as you would likely never get the best possible coverage nor price as opposed to working with a an insurance broker, who can put the most plan together from different carriers.

Auto insurance generally follows the car and covers anyone driving the vehicle named in the policy. Some auto insurance options, such as certain liability plans, however, covers only the driver named in the insurance policy. At Crusberg-Decker we partner with the best insurance carriers to provide you the best coverage at the best price for your needs. We can tell you the ins and outs of what is covered and not covered in your state to protect you, your family and anyone else who may be in the driver’s or passenger seats of your automobiles. Contact us at 800.640.1712 or fill out the form on this page to learn more.


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