What insurance policies are legally required?

1. Any type of vehicle and boat insurance requires liability insurance 2. Homeowners insurance is not legally required, but if you want to take out a mortgage, the mortgage broker requires proof of insurance. Same applies to landlord insurance

How do I submit an insurance claim?

During business hours, call your Crusberg-Decker insurance agent to report a claim. Outside of business hours, including weekends, call your insurance carrier directly or go to their website and use their claims form. You can find contact information for all CD-Insurance carrier partners on the Carriers page

How quickly do I have to submit an insurance claim?

There are no strict deadlines for filing a claim. Check with each insurance carrier on specific requirements. Generally, claims must be filed promptly.

Are natural disasters covered by my homeowners insurance plan?

1. No, not all natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods and landslides are covered by a homeowners insurance or any other common insurance policies for that matter. They require a separate insurance policy. 2. We can help insure yourself for natural disasters with other types of insurance policies EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE and FLOOD INSURANCE

What types of natural disasters are not covered by standard insurance plans such as auto and homeowners insurance?

Standard homeowners and auto policies can cover damage caused by many disasters such as fire, wind, rain, snow, hurricanes and tornadoes. Natural disasters related to earth movement such as earthquakes, floods and slides are not covered. Check with your CD Insurance agent for details on specific types of disasters.

When should I consider an umbrella policy?

1. An umbrella insurance policy will cover liability claims and lawsuits that exceed the liability limit of regular homeowners and vehicle insurance policies. 2. If the total value of your personal assets exceeds $1 million, or if you engage in activities with high risk of causing injury to others, you should consider an umbrella policy

How can I get an insurance quote?

We have made it easy for you to request a quote by giving you 3 different options depending on the type of insurance

    • For Personal Homeowners, Auto, Condo and Renters insurance, click on the “Consumer Rate Quote” button on the product page and request and receive online quotes from several carriers.

  • You can fill out the “Send Me A Quote” email form from each product page
  • You can call your Crusberg-Decker insurance broker at 800-640-1712 and ask for a quote